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Pest Manager

Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs

“When you work with AgNition you get incredible project management coupled with great ideas from an end-user perspective. I had a pretty strong vision about the product I wanted to develop and it was only made better by their involvement.”

Mike Cowbrough
Weed Management (Field Crops)
Program Lead
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs


March 4


Streamline QA data tracking with VeriField™

VeriField will change the way you manage production data for your seed and high-value crops. VeriField™ is a single tracking system that organizes your field information and streamlines your processes. The cloud-hosted platform records and stores data input by your scouts, inspectors and growers right in the field.


September 1

Sell Smart

Ontario Based Grain Prices

The SellSmart app provides delayed futures, basis and adjusted cash prices for Ontario grain elevators. This tool was developed by Grain Farmers of Ontario to assist Ontario farmers in selling their grains.


July 1


Pesticide Optimization Calculator

The results from OrchardMAX help you make every drop count when airblast spraying apple trees. It uses the Crop-Adapted Spraying (CAS) model to adjust the pesticide rate-pre-planted-area to match the size, shape and density of the trees. The app will calculate a sprayer prescription for each block of trees.


May 2


Innovative Management and Practical Animal Care Training

Farm & Food Care’s IMPACT program develops and delivers practical resources and training to help improve farm animal care. The app becomes a means to deliver these resources directly to a farmer’s mobile device – so that they have the information they need to make important decisions about animal welfare immediately when needed, anywhere.


September 2

Pioneer Seed Guide

Pioneer® Seed Info At Your Fingertips

The DuPont Pioneer Seed Guide app is the ultimate product selection tool, both for farmer clients and sales reps. The app contains all available product information and makes it easy for users to narrow their product search by crop, maturity range, and seed traits.


May 20

Pest Manager


Pest Manager has been called the “must-have app for Ontario agriculture.” It’s powerful tool for identifying weeds, insects and diseases. In just a few clicks, farmers and agronomists can map pests in the field and determine treatment options.


February 5

Corn Nitrogen Calculator

This mobile app generates a recommendation for the most economical N rate for a corn field. It is based on more than 40 years of Ontario research and takes into account soil type, rotation, and the cost scenario (i.e. anticipated cost of N and price of corn).


September 12

Cash Cropper

Compare  Crop Rotation Profitability

With Cashcropper you can compare the net profitability and fertility requirements for different crop rotations within a given field. This app is powered by over 30 years of data on crop yield responses to different rotations from trials conducted by the University of Guelph.


December 20


Canadian Cattle Market Calculator

CFXPro is for those looking to have access to breakeven calculators, price projections, as well as standard market information for Canadian cattle producers. This free app offers producers insights into how market changes may impact their bottom line in regards to future price movements and includes updates to cattle price insurance tables automatically.


October 6

Aphid Advisor

Pest Management Decision Tool

Aphid Advisor is a pilot decision-making tool to help determine whether a control action is warranted for Soybean Aphids (Aphis glycines) on soybeans. This app uses aphid and natural enemy numbers, as well as expected population growth rates, to indicate whether there are enough natural enemies to keep aphid populations below action thresholds or if an insecticide application may be needed.


March 13


Scout It, Save It, Send It

Now discontinued, ScoutDoc was one of our first products developed and released for the agricultural community. It was one of the first apps released for Ontario agriculture. It was a powerful and flexible GPS-enabled field scouting app for iPad 2+ and Android tablets.



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“It’s very easy to have an idea. Bringing that idea to fruition generally involves a lot more than you expect. When I sat down with AgNition, they were very open, responsive and willing to offer solutions.”

Jason Deveau
Application Technology Specialist
Ontario Ministry of Agriculture,
Food and Rural Affairs