VeriField™ is a cloud hosted platform that records and stores seed and IP crop production information.

It gives you the ability to setup and deploy a single system to many of your scouts, clients, or contracted growers that provides one point of access for all the relevant crop production information necessary for production tracking and communication between involved parties. It allows users to input information through a mobile application, sync with a central cloud hosted server, which then allows administrators to review all information submitted to the system and create reports based on exported data.

VeriField™ is all about organizing your data and streamlining your current operation's processes.

The platform can be adapted for various high value crops to capture:

  • IP or seed crop production records
  • Field crop scouting reports
  • Seed crop inspection reports
  • Field mapping
  • Isolation tracking
  • Quality assurance data
  • Contract grower management

For more information or a demo, contact an AgNition representative.