Shift to a mobile mindset

As Google co-founder Larry Page says, “We are no longer in a mobile first world, we are in a mobile only world.” If you don’t have the mobile mindset – as in “how can I perform this task or get the required information right here, right now” – then it’s time to shift your thinking. Here’s why:

  • Farmers (and your kids) have a mobile mindset

Over the past three years I’ve been from one side of the country to the other talking to farmers about mobile technology and how to maximize the super-computer they are carrying around in their pockets. For many, the smartphone is now their primary computer. A trip to the office after a long day is extra time working. Being able to complete tasks on the fly instead of having to visit a desktop is becoming a standard ask. This is the mobile mindset and it comes naturally to kids who rely on their smartphone for everything. Many farmers have adopted this way of thinking, but it’s still not fully entrenched with agribusiness, farm organizations and government. If you work from a desk, it’s hard to completely relate to those who are doing everything on a smartphone or tablet and looking to avoid trips to the desktop.  

  • There is huge potential for mobile-friendly resources

For the most part, farmers have embraced mobile and, as farmers do, they have found ingenious ways to make GPS, live video communication, QR code readers, Cloud-based record keeping, mobile web access and all available functionalities work for them. In many cases, the apps or tools being used were not designed or built with agriculture in mind, but farmers bend them to serve their purposes.

As farmers have become more comfortable with their smartphones they are also becoming more aware of what is not available. So many conversations I have start with “why isn’t there an app for ………?” We see enormous potential for enhanced product support via mobile channels that help farmers optimize how the product is used, whether it be a crop protection product or a complex piece of equipment worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. The fringe benefit for the vendor is a strengthened connection to their client base. Win-win. Owner’s manuals and micro-font labels just don’t cut it anymore.

Are you ready to create a resource that does work for your clients with a mobile mindset? Let’s talk.

Peter is co-founder of AgNition, corn/soy/wheat producer, and a sought-after technology thought leader who delivers workshops across Canada.